Why do we need concrete?

Concrete’s inherent strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency and durability helps to build safe, secure and comfortable buildings and resilient infrastructure that stand the test of time.

No other material can match concrete’s value in supporting not only our economy and built environment but our society and way of life.  Concrete is an economically significant and major part of the wider UK mineral products industry, which contributes approximately £18bn to the UK’s GDP, directly employs 74,000 people nationally and underpins a further 3.5 million jobs.

Concrete’s affordability and the simplicity of its composition – using materials available anywhere on Earth – mean it also fulfils an essential role in improving living conditions and wellbeing in economically developing countries.

Furthermore, from the significant progress the industry is making to lower its carbon footprint through to the outstanding sustainable buildings being constructed, concrete is part of the solution towards creating a net zero carbon society.

Concrete has been used for thousands of years and will continue to be essential for supporting our economy and built environment, as well as our society and quality of life, for generations to come.