Digital concrete

Ultra-modern digital techniques and processes are unlocking new ways of using concrete, helping to construct critical new buildings and infrastructure more efficiently and cost effectively. 

Recent developments mean that inventions such as the 3D-printing of concrete structures and formwork is not only possible, but likely to become mainstream in the coming years as the technology evolves. 

3D printing has the potential to manufacture certain building components, particularly those that have complex shapes. It can do this by either printing the individual components or by creating the formwork, or moulds, that allow the shapes to be more sculpted and refined.

Elsewhere, the concrete industry is already embracing innovation through adopting modern methods of construction (MMC), which are being used to reduce construction time and promote sustainable development as well as offer cost savings.

Automated manufacturing is boosting off-site manufacturing, which has been acknowledged as key to increasing productivity across the construction sector. Concrete components, such as floor and walls, are being accurately produced in controlled conditions in factories using digital technologies, before being transported and quickly assembled on site.